Raven Sp. z o.o. as one of the most modern producers in the wood trade is also leading producer of packages. Heading for success and a leader’s position, we try to achieve even greater satisfaction of our customers through:


    • ensuring compliance of systems for quality management, environment as well as work safety with adequate norms and the law;


    • delivery of products of highest quality on time;


    • following latest trends in the branch and Client’s requirements;


    • investments in new technologies for improvement of quality, conditions of work safety and hygiene and control of impact on the environment;


    • prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;


    • activities aimed at preventing damage of the natural environment- elimination or at least minimization of the negative impact on the environment;


    • running rational waste management;


    • raising awareness of quality, environmental protection and work safety and hygiene by our employees;


    • Cconstant monitoring and improvement of the Integrated Management System, production processes, key environmental aspects, as well as work safety and hygiene related to the nature of the company’s performance.


I guarantee, that all activities of our company include the care for quality, environment and work safety, and all our employees are involved into improving of quality management system and whole realization of its requirements.