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Welcome to the website of Raven Sp. z o.o. Our company is specialized in production of industrial wooden packages – such as pallets, europallets and pallet collars.
The company exists since 1994, from  2001 under the firm RAVEN Sp. z o.o. The change of name was related to takeover of shares  of the production plant from Norwegian concern AVEN AS by new owner. In the field of pallet production and quality control we have been employing the long experience and tradition of the Scandinavian concern existing since 1928. Our goals is to fulfill all, even  the most complicated, needs of our customers. We produce packages according to individual requirements of our customers. We are now one of the biggest producers of wooden packages in Poland.
We have a big production potential. We guarantee high quality deliveries on time. In our offer we have many types of pallets and pallet collars as for example: pallets EUR EPAL, lids and other packages. We sell also wooden biomass.

RAVEN Sp. z o.o. is a well known producer of wooden packages. Our  top-products are :pallets, pallet collars, lids.

Please check our detailed offer.