Europallet, wooden pallet, customized pallet

Our main activity is production of high quality wooden pallets. In our offer you can find standard products as europallets and also one-way customized pallets.
Our production is running on automatic production lines, which allows us recurrent and stable production and on-time deliveries to our customers.

Each year we produce over 360 thousand pallets. Our production staff can also repair used broken europallets. Repairs should be negotiated individually with our sales office.

Pallet collars

The collars we produce are good-looking convenient and economic type of packaging. They are highly durable and flexible. We produce them from softwood (mainly pine). Our production plant is equipped with 5 drying chambers, so we can produce goods from chamber dried wood, certified acc. to IPPC/ISPM no.15. In our catalogues you can find collars with standard dimensions and also with non-standard dimensions and versions: one board type, two board type, with 4 or 6 hinges, made from finger-jointed elements, painted, with 2 or 4 logos, with painted or galvanized hinges 1,25 mm or 2 mm, and others. According to customers wish we can also produce customized collars with your actual logo.


Lids, boxes, and other wooden packages

Besides of different wooden pallets and collars we produce also other wooden elements used to secure the loads during transportation and storage. In our wide offer you can find for example frames and lids, which together with pallet collars build a pallet-box, blocks, wedges etc. Lids can be produced from wooden boards or from plywood (different thickness and types affecting the durability and flexibility of lids).

Wooden biomass

Raven sells also high-quality wooden biomass, which appears during production of pallets and other packages. Biomass is a perfect raw-material for industry, energy producers or gardening. We deliver biomass in form of wooden pieces (parings, tree bark) and silvers, dust, chips.

Wooden biomass becomes more important energy source. Due to lower release of harmful chemical elements during burning and closed circulation of CO2 usage of biomass is much more profitable for environment than using of traditional fossil fuels.

Other products of RAVEN

Our priority is to fulfill the requirements and to satisfy our customers. We count on our experiences concerning construction of packages and work individual on each order. Should you have some more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.





nadstawka 6 zawiasowa, 1 elementowa



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